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Sekar Jagad Batik

Sekar Jagad is one of Indonesia’s most famous batik pattern. The origin of batik was traced back to the 18th century, and the batik craftsmen were still using large leaves as the canvas. The patterns during that time were limited to animals and plants, but as the time passed, more and more patterns emerged. One of the best patterns that is still exist until today is the Sekar Jagad pattern.

Solo and Yogyakarta are thought to be the origin birthplace of Sekar Jagad pattern. “Kar” in Dutch means map, and “jagad” means the world in Javanese. Essentially, the meaning behind Sekar Jagad pattern is the beauty and the charm in diversity. Other opinions is that Sekar Jagad comes from the word “Sekar” (means flower in Javanese) and “Jagad”(means world in Javanese) and the combination of them means the flowers of the world.

Batik Sekar Jagad is considered one of the most beautiful vintage batik pattern because the amount of details on the background. The color choices are often fresh and vibrant with variety of flowers pattern. The design on the batik is divided into individual “island” that comes together to form a map. Each of the island have its own pattern such as flowers, mountain, animal, etc. The contrast of the colors and patterns of each island has been one of the charm to this batik.

Batik Nudo provide our customers with authentic Sekar Jagad batik. The beautiful Sekar Jagad batik is now available in our newest batik collection in variation of materials such as prima cotton, primissima cotton, and silk. We offers some of the best classic Sekar Jagad and also some with a more modern touch.

They are available online and we welcome wholesale request as well. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the “contact us” page.