Pagi Sore Batik

Pagi Sore Batik (literally means morning and afternoon batik) might sound familiar to batik fans. Pagi sore batik has two distinguish batik motifs, with often two different colors combined into a single piece of fabric or clothing. This unique batik has existed for a long time, but it just gained its popularity recently due to the contrasting motifs combination.
Pagi Sore Batik is a traditional batik that was also popular in the past, during the time of Japanese occupancy in Indonesia. During that period, there was a short supply of cotton, making the price became unaffordable of most of the people. The batik makers then developed a batik which has two different motifs, creating an illusion of having two piece of different batik. They normally wore one side which has lighter color for the day and another side with darker color for the afternoon or evening.
Our Pagi Sore Batik is made using traditional methods and techniques which has been used and perfected for centuries. Motifs were given on batik material, usually cotton or silk fabric using wax resist dyeing technique. Firstly the fabric is washed and soaked, and then patterns are drawn with pencil and later redrawn using hot wax which function as a dye-resist. The wax is usually applies with a tool called canting; a pen-like instrument made of copper with hot wax reservoir instead of ink. Afterwards the fabric was then soaked into dyeing substances, parts which were covered by the wax will keep the original color. The wax is then removed usually by boiling. This process of applying wax, dyeing, and removing the wax is repeated as many times as the number of colors desired.
Batik Nudo offers Pagi Sore Batik with various patterns and motifs; 100% Handmade using traditional processes on the finest cotton and silk. Each piece of our batik is unique since it is completely handmade; there will not be any identical motif and color in the world for every piece of our collection.