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Motif Batik Flora

Batik motifs or batik patterns could be categorized into several main families, which are: plants, animals, nature, and geometric motifs. Since batik is a tradition that has been handed down through generations, there are a number of batik motifs that has become identitiy of particular families or groups.

Compared to the other, plant motifs are the most common motifs that could be found in different regions of Indonesia, both modern and antique batik. Plants batik pattern includes flowers, ocean plants, vines, etc. Such motifs could be found in various types of popular batik, for instance Batik Luwung Klewer, Batik Ganggong, Batik Truntum, Batik Lasem, Batik Jawa Hokokai, and so much more.

Different batik motifs have different significance and philosophy. Batik with vines pattern describe the beauty and harmony between people and their surrounding nature. Batik with ocean plants signifies the role and benefit of ocean plans towards the people. Floral Batik pattern represent beauty, happiness and prosperity.

Flora Batik pattern is usually inspired by the plants or flowers that grow in the region of the artists themselves, for instance Maluku Batik takes inspiration from nutmegs and cloves and Yogyakarta Batik uses Sulur plant. Another fine example is Jawa Hokokai Batik, which is influenced by Japanese culture. On a Jawa Hokokai Batik, we could find typical Japanese flowers, such as chrysanthemum, cherry blossom, orchid, and lotus.

Our collection of Floral Batik mostly consists of Lasem Batik. Lasem is a name of town in the northern coastal region in Central Java, Indonesia. Batik Lasem is well known for its typical ocean plant called Latoh, which was drawn on the background of the batik. Batik Lasem has such a uniqueness and high level of details which makes it one of the most beautiful and popular batik in the world.

We offer Floral Batik in various materials like prima cotton, primissima cotton, and silk. Any questions or inquiries coulld be directed to us through our contact information available on the contact us page.