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Mega Mendung Patern Batik

Mega Mendung is one of Indonesia’s traditional batik pattern. The origin of batik was traced back to the 18th century, and the batik craftsmen were still using large leaves as the canvas. The patterns during that time were limited to animals and plants, but as the time passed, more and more patterns emerged. One of the best patterns that is still exist until today belongs to Batik Mega Mendung.

Mega Mendung batik pattern has been closely associated and symbolize the city of Cirebon. According to Taoism, the clouds represent the heaven and has the meaning of the vast and free world.of them means the flowers of the world. Mega Mendung also has meaning/philosophy that a person’s heart should remain calm and cool in any situation, like a cloud overcasting on a hot day to cool the surrounding atmosphere. This philosophy could be applied to a leader must be able to cool and protect his/her subordinates or community.

Mega Mendung batik traditionally has 7 color gradations which represent the 7 layers of heaven, 7 layers of earth soil, and 7 days in a week. In this era, the color gradations on the batik Mega Mendung often been reduced to 3-5 colors and made with variety of batik material in order to adapt with the market demand. The traditional colors of blue and red can also now being replaced with other colors such as yellow, purple, green, etc.

Batik Nudo provide our customers with authentic Mega Mendung batik. The beautiful Mega Mendung batik is now available in our newest batik collection in variation of materials such as prima cotton, primissima cotton, and silk. We offers some of the best classic Mega Mendung batik and also some with a more modern touch.

They are available online and we welcome wholesale request as well. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the contact us page.