Jawa Hokokai Batik

Jawa Hokokai Batik, or sometimes called Japanese Batik is a very unique type of hand painted batik that was developed during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia between 1942 and 1945, especially in the northern coastal region of Java. Jawa Hokokai Batik was initially introduced by the local batik craftsmen/women to Japanese troops to win their heart. The name Jawa Hokokai itself was taken from a official Japanese organization which purpose is to reward Indonesian people who helped the Japanese troops.
Jawa Hokokai Batik is essentially a type of pagi-sore batik, which literally means morning and afternoon. This type of batik has two different batik motifs and often two different colors on a single piece of cloth. Normally, one of the parts was painted in lighter color for morning wear and another part with darker color for evening wear. Batik pagi-sore was created due to the short supply of cotton during that period, so the batik makers created a batik motif which created the illusion of having two pieces of clothing.
The background of Jawa Hokokai Batik is usually a combination of Indonesian traditional motifs, with additional drawing of butterflies, cherry blossom, or chrysanthemum flowers. Other flowers and animals such as roses, orchid, lotus flowers, and peacocks also appear in the designs. The colors of Jawa Hokokai Batik was especially vibrant, with a lot of Japanese-influenced color like blue, red and yellow; similar to the color found in Japanese kimono.
Jawa Hokokai Batik is among one of the most exclusive batik because it takes a subtantial amount of time and skill to make a Jawa Hokokai Batik due to the very fine background detail and colors. The level of difficulties and the amount of skill necessary to make this batik leaves only a handful of expert batik craftsmen/women that are able to produce a fine and delicate Jawa Hokokai batik.
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