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Printing Prima Cotton Batik

Machine Printed Prima Cotton Batik is one of the newest addition to Batik Nudo’s website. Prima cotton has been used for a long time as the base fabric for painting all types of Indonesian Batik. One of the main reasons to use prima cotton in making batik is due to its property that allows dye to be absorbed excellently into the fabric. In general, Machine Printed Prima Cotton Batik is considered a more affordable option in comparison to Hand Painted or Stamp Painted Batik. Prima cotton batik generally has a dimension of 2.40 m x 1.05m.
All machine printed batik are made using homemade or industrial machines, therefore there is no longer a traditional element in the production process. Printed prima cotton batik is commonly printed only on one side of the fabric, therefore the produced color frequently look duller in comparison to Stamp Printed or Hand Painted Batik in which dye is applied on both sidesof the fabric.
Another feature of Machine Painted Batik is the number of details and colors that could be applied on a piece of fabric using this method; all without a significant increase in production price. Machine Painted Batik nowadays are given colors using chemical fabric dye, hence the color is harder to fade over time compares to batik with natural dye. Machine Printed Batik also offer a lot of variation, ranging from the old traditional batik pattern to modern and contemporary batik pattern.
Machine Printed Batik is now the most popular cheap batik online in Indonesia, the main reason is due to the affordable price of the Batik and also the compelling colors and patterns that attracts younger generation. Machine Print Batik fabric are usually made into uniforms because the batik could be manufactured in a greater batch and the computerized machines is able to sustain excellent consistency of the patterns and colors throughout multiple production batches.