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Printing Batik Fabric

New!! Printed batik fabric from Batik Nudo!!
Due to high demand from our loyal customers, we now offer you our newest collection of Printed Batik Fabric. Machine printed batik has gained popularity in recent years and suitable for an order in larger batch.
Machine printed batik or simply printed batik are considered as cheap batik fabric and are made using factory or homemade machines, therefore the production process itself is no longer traditional. Printed batik is usually printed only on one side of the fabric, therefore the resulting color often seems a bit duller in comparison to Stamp Printed or Hand Painted Batik which are dyed on both sides.
In today’s society, the majority of Machine Printed Batik are made into uniforms since the batik can be produced in a large batch compare to other types of batik. Another advantage of choosing Machine Printed Batik for uniforms is because the consistency of the pattern and color from one production batch to another that it gained from using machines and computers.
The rising popularity of today’s Machine Printed Batik in Indonesia is also due to the large amount of details and colors that can be produced on a single piece of fabric using this method; all without a significant increase in production price. The pattern itself has a lot of variation, ranging from the old traditional batik pattern to more modern and contemporary pattern.
We offer our Machine Printed batik in 2 (two) types of fabrics, which are prima and primissima cotton. In general, primissima cotton has a denser and finer weave compares to prima cotton.
Batik Nudo’s Machine Printed Batik collection is available online and we welcome wholesale request as well. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the “contact us” page.