Our Batik Collection

Hand Painted Batik – Primissima Cotton

Primissima cotton is another type of cotton which has a superior quality and value compares to prima cotton. Primissima cotton is a very finely woven lightweight cotton material with denser weave than prima cotton. The excellent smooth surface allows all fabric painting technique, including batik. Most of the cotton batik tulis with medium and hard degree of difficulties to produce uses primissima cotton; this level of batik has more than 2 colors and more details in the background. In general, batik tulis with primissima cotton has a dimension of 2.40 m x 1.15 m and perfect to make any cotton batik clothing.
Most of our batik tulis collection has Lasem motifs. Lasem itself is a name of a northern coastal town in Central Java, Indonesia. Batik Lasem is well known for its typical underwater sea plant named Latoh, which was used on the background of the batik. Batik Lasem has such a uniqueness and high level of details which makes it one of the most beautiful and popular batik in the world.
  • Do not use powder detergent (washing powder) to wash your batik tulis. It’s recommended using special soap made of Lerak, but if you cannot find it in the market, you can try to find cleaner or soap with other natural ingredients. A small amount of body soap can also be used as subtitute.
  • Do not wash batik tulis using washing machine. Hand wash only.
  • Do not dry batik tulis under direct sunlight since it may damage the color of your batik tulis. Always dry your batik in the shade.
  • Store your batik tulis clothings inside a plastic cover to prevent moths or other insects from damaging it. Do not out camphor inside the place where you store your batik tulis to avoid damaging the color.
  • When you are buying a new batik tulis, always wash it first to remove a small amount of wax that is possibly still sticking on the batik fabric.
  • Do not apply perfume directly to your batik tulis.