Our Batik Collection

Hand Painted Batik Fabric

Batik Nudo offers high quality Batik Tulis (Hand painted batik) which combines the talent of great batik craftsmen/women of Indonesia and the best fabric material suitable for batik. Our Batik Tulis collection comes in three kind of fabric (prima cotton, primissima cotton, and silk) and is available in various beautiful and fine motifs, such as sekar jagat, pagi sore, jawa hokokai, floral, mega mendung etc.
Batik Tulis is an art created by master craftsmen/women that could be viewed as a painting.  Our Batik Tulis collection is entirely handmadeusing traditional batik supplies, without the aid of neither machine nor stamp, and like a painting, each Batik Tulis is a unique creation without any other identical piece in the world. Due to the beauty, uniqueness, and the production process which takes 1-3 months on average, makes our Batik Tulis such a high valued product.

Our Batik Tulis is also subjected to a series of lengthy inspection process in order to select few finest batik into our collection. The inspections include checking for imperfection on the fabric, mistakes in dyeing process, inaccuracy in the drawing details, and fault during the finishing, etc. At the end, only selected few finest batik will pass our inspection process and will be offered to our customers.

Quality is an uncompromised value for us. As a form of our commitment to provide high quality products, our Batik Tulis is made using the finest fabric from PT. Sritex Tbk, which has been known worldwide as one of the best fabric manufacturer. Our prima cotton & primissima cotton batik tulis are made of 100% cotton without mixture of other fabric and 100% hand painted without using any machine or stamp.
Batik Nudo has been selling and distributing Batik Tulis to local individuals and corporates as well as international customers. We have now established our website to offers customers who is interested in purchasing Batik Tulis without having to visit us personally. Our entire Batik Tulis collection could be purchased directly through our website or contact us for further inquiries.