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Stamp Prima Cotton Batik

Stamp Printed Prima Cotton Batik is one of the newest addition to Batik Nudo’s website. Prima cotton has been used for a long time as the base fabric for painting all types of Indonesian Batik. One of the main reasons to use prima cotton in making batik is due to its property that allows dye to be absorbed excellently into the fabric. In general, Prima Cotton Batik is considered a more affordable option in comparison to Primissima Cotton or Silk. Prima cotton batik generally has a dimension of 2.40 m x 1.05m.
Most of our Stamp Printed Prima Cotton Batik are Cirebon batik fabric. Cirebon is the oldest batik central in West Jawa and has big influence towards the batik in other batik central such as Tasikmalaya, Indramayu, and Garut.
The most well known batik pattern which emerged from Cirebon is Mega Mendung pattern. Mega Mendung pattern has a distinguished feature which is the cloud. The cloud was translated as the carrier of the rain, symbol of life and fertility. Mega Mendung pattern are considered one of the classic and timeless pattern which has quite a bit of variation. The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism planned to register Mega Mendung batik to be recognize as one of the World’s Heritage.
Batik Nudo provide our customers with authentic Cirebon batik that are produced in the smaller traditional township directly under the Cirebon’s Keraton, some of them are Trusmi, Plered, etc. Cirebon’s batik ornament could be classified into 5 type, which are Byur, Geometris, Pangkaan, Semarangan, and Wadasan.
The world’s famous Cirebon batik is now available in our newest batik collection. They are available online and we welcome wholesale request as well. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the contact us page.