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Block Batik Fabric

New!! Stamp Printed Batik Fabric from Batik Nudo!!
Due to high demand from our loyal customers, we now offer you our newest collection of Stamp Printed Batik Fabric!
Stamp printed batik, block batik or simply stamp batik are considered as cheap batik fabric and are made using a copper stamp called Tjap. Tjaps are handmade copper strips which are cut, shaped and soldered into various patterns. The Tjaps are then dipped into hot wax , the excess wax are removed and then stamped onto the cloth/ fabric. The clothes are then soaked with dye to give the color. Stamp batik is usually colored on both sides of the fabric, resulting in a more solid color. After the dyeing process, the wax is then removed.
Since Stamp Printed Batik uses Tjaps to give pattern to the fabric, the most obvious characteristic of this batik would be its repetitive pattern in a size of about 20 cm x 20 cm (the average size of a Tjap). The patterns themself are usually medium or large size and do not have too much detail.
Stamp Printed batik has quite a short production time; a batik can be made in 2-3 days using this method and usually made in a large batch. This batik is excellent as a daily wear and is also a popular choice for uniforms.
We offer our our Stamp Printed batik in 2 (two) types of fabrics, which are prima and primissima cotton. In general, primissima cotton has a denser and finer and denser weave compares to prima cotton.
Batik Nudo’s Stamp Printed Batik collection is available online and we welcome wholesale request as well. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the “contact us” page.