Indonesian Batik Fabric

Our batik fabric collection is our pride and best-selling product. It is mainly due to the nature of a fabric that can be further shaped or made into your desired clothing or other forms; such as dresses, accessories, bags, etc.

Batik Nudo offers three choices of Indonesian batik fabric based on the making process, which are: machine printed batik fabric, stamp printed batik fabric, and hand painted batik fabric. Then we further separate them again based on the fabric used for the batik (prima cotton, primissima cotton, and silk) to provide our customers with more options and freedom to select their preferred batik fabric. Here we provide a brief description and characteristic on each batik fabric:

  • Machine printed batik usually sold at low price and very affordable because the production process was done very quickly using computerized machine.
  • Stamp printed batik is a type of batik that is made using canting cap, which is a 20 cm x 20 cm stamp made of copper. Some characteristics of stamped batik include less detailed motifs and repetitive pattern. Most stamp printed batik takes 2 to 3 days to make.
  • Hand painted batik is a type of batik which has the longest production time. It took months for each of our hand painted batik from start to finish until they are ready to be offered to our customers. The drawing, dyeing, and boiling process is done on both sides of the fabric manually using hands. The characteristics of hand painted batik includes: each hand painted batik is unique; there will not be any identical piece in the world. The motifs will not be very precise and perfect due to the nature of hand processing.

We offer all three variants of batik with some of the Indonesia most beautiful motifs, such as sekar jagat, pagi sore, jawa hokokai, etc. Batik Nudo collection is available online and our customers could buy our batik fabric directly on our website or by sending us an email regarding the inquiries.