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Men’s Stamp Batik

Batik Nudo offers selections of your most favorite men’s clothing with excellent quality. Our vast variety of men’s stamp printed batik was available to match everybody’s taste; from traditional batik men shirt to modern men’s fashion batik. View the newest collection of stamp printed men’s batik on our website now.
Stamp printed batik, block batik or simply stamp batik are made using a copper stamp called Tjap. Tjaps are copper strips which are cut and shaped into various patterns. Stamp Printed Batik uses Tjaps to give pattern to the fabric, hence the most obvious characteristic of this type of batik would be its repetitive pattern in a size of roughly 20 cm x 20 cm (the average size of a Tjap). Because it is hard to give shapes to the copper Tjap, the patterns of stamp printed batik are usually medium or large size and do not have too much detail.
Stamp Printed batik normally has quite a short production time; one batik can be made in 2 to 3 days using this method and usually made in a large batch. This batik is excellent as a daily wear and is also a popular choice for uniforms since the batik can be mass produced.
Our stamp printed men’s batik comes in 2 (two) types of fabrics, which are prima and primissima cotton. In general, primissima cotton possess a denser and weave compares to prima cotton.
Other than the model provided on our website, our customers can also request a custom model of clothings. For such request, please fill in the form in “Custom Batik” page. Kindly fill in the form with as much information as possible and attached the sample picture of the final design if available. We will look into the request form and contact you for further details and discussion.