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Batik Artwork

Batik is a method of applying dye and pattern to a piece of clothing. The origin of batik was traced back to the 18th century, and the batik craftsmen were still using large leaves as the canvas. The patterns during that time were limited to animals and plants, but as the time passed, more and more patterns emerged. A few decades ago, batik has been wore by many people in a form of clothings like shirt or dress. Nowadays, batik art is also popular choice in making items other than just clothings.

The development of batik as a patterns for non-clothing items started in the city of Pekalongan; a city with deep roots of batik tradition. Pekalongan located between Surabaya and Semarang, it is a city where the old Javanese culture mixed with other cultures brought by traders such as Arabs, Chinese, and Dutch. The mixture of cultures found in the Pekalongan batik fabric made the Indonesian batik art easily accepted by wider international audience.  Nowadays, other than shirts or dresses, we can find a lot more batik artwork, such as sandals, shoes, bags, wallets, bed covers, hats, etc.

Batik Nudo now provides batik crafts to our customers, under the accessories category. Our Batik accessories is very suitable as a gift (example: wedding ceremony gifts), as a part of uniform, or also as daily household items (bed covers, batik sandals in hotel). For bulk purchase, please contact us through the contact us page.

Other than the model provided on our website, our customers can also request a custom model of accessories. For such request, please fill in the form in “Custom Batik” page. Kindly fill in the form with as much information as possible and attached the sample picture of the final design if available. We will look into the request form and contact you for further details and discussion.