Batik Nudo

Batik, an Indonesian originated art which has been known widely across the globe and worn by people from various societies and backgrounds. Now, Batik Day is held on the 2nd of October every year to mark the date when Indonesian Batik was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The pride for our country’s batik and the passion to introduce fine batik across the nation and throughout the world has led to the foundation of Batik Nudo.

Batik Nudo has its batik production based in the city of Solo, Indonesia and a marketing office in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer traditional and modern batik design with choices of several production methods and fabrics. The production method includes printed batik, stamped batik, and hand-painted batik; and various types of fine cotton and silk for the fabric materials.

Our pride and bestseller would be the Batik Tulis (hand-painted batik) collection, which is made using traditional method and finest materials by some of the most gifted batik craftsmen/women in Indonesia. There is only 1 (one) piece available for each individual Batik Tulis due to the nature of hand painting itself. The whole process of making our Batik Tulis is done manually by hand, therefore each Batik Tulis is unique and there will be no identical piece in the world.

Our company’s philosophy is simple; to conserve and promote batik by introducing Indonesian finest batik to the people around the world. Obtaining finest batik has not been an easy task. We have to subject each of our batik products to strict quality control by our team of experts before we offer them to our customers. Our commitment to quality has earned Batik Nudo its place as one of the best batik producers, based on the material used, production method, and the batik design itself.

We offer batik fabric wholesale and retail. For any inquiries and questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information and form available on the contact us page.

Please browse and enjoy our collection; the best batik Indonesia has to offer!